A new olive oil once every 2 months

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Would you once every 2 months received a new olive oil? Then this is the ideal option for you. Choose here for a package of 6 or 12 months.

6 months
With a surprise package of 6 months you will receive a total of 3 bottles of approximately 0.5 liters per bottle. I will send you these 3 bottles (for 6 months) in one go, so that you can use them immediately for different preparations. If I were to send you a bottle every two months, you would only have one available at a time. And of course it is also better for the environment!

12 months
With a surprise package of 12 months you will receive a total of 6 bottles of approximately 0.5 liters. Also here I always send you 3 bottles (for 6 months) at a time. After six months you will receive the second package with 3 new olive oils. So in total you will receive a package with 3 bottles of new olive oil twice.

This is a one-time order and after that you are not committed to anything.