Frequently Asked Questions


When you place an order, it is immediately processed and prepared for shipment. Depending on the time of ordering and how busy the delivery person is, you will receive your package within 1 to 2 days.
If you have ordered more than 3 bottles, the next order will follow 3 months after your first receipt.

I actually have 3 reasons for that:

1. There is a very wide variety of olive oils. Some olive oils that I select are a bit more complex in taste and therefore different to use than a very accessible olive oil. Because it is nice to have several olive oils at your disposal, I have chosen to send 3 at a time so that you have something to choose from.

2. To send a package for each bottle, you have to travel a lot of miles. And unfortunately not all of them are environmentally friendly. In this way it is also a bit kinder to our planet.

3. Sending a package with only one bottle is much less efficient. This would make the package a lot more expensive. And I'd rather choose slightly more exclusive olive oils for you than spend it on transport. †

Added up, I came to the conclusion that this seems to be a nice solution. If it turns out that there are other wishes, I am of course open to them. Share your thoughts on this and send me an email:

I've only just started and so many questions haven't been asked yet. So feel free and send me your question by email. If he appears more often, he will be here soon! Send the email to: