Hi, I'm Olivia. Of course it is not entirely coincidental that I have a huge love for olive oil. My name literally means: olive tree. So I really had no choice but to do something with this special tree and fruit in my life.

As a child I remember that olive oil was always present; dipping a sandwich in olive oil happened very often at our house. I just liked it and I don't think I really tasted the difference between the olive oils. That came years later. I was on vacation in Spain with my parents in October. Every day on the way to the village we drove past an olive grove, until my father turned one off and ended up between all the olive trees in front of the house of an old Spanish man. A nice gentleman, whose name I unfortunately no longer remember, stood in the opening of the barn door, looking at us as if we had arrived at just the right time. As if he was expecting us. It turned out later that it was the owner of the orchard. It beckoned us to come to him quickly. The warm welcome may have had something to do with the discovery he had just made. His olive oil just came out of the press and turned out to be of exceptionally good quality, he said. It was so good, we couldn't leave without tasting it. And when I tasted that, I realized there was a world to discover.

There and then I think a seed was planted. Because somehow I felt a love for olive oil. I can't really explain it, but it's just there. In the years that followed I started to delve more and more into olive oil and discovered all kinds of things that I did not know. And which only increased my, perhaps a bit too romantic, view of this product. I couldn't keep that love for olive oil to myself.

What struck me with a lot of family, friends and girlfriends is that they choose more and more consciously for the food that ends up on their plate. A development that I am very happy with. But when it comes to olive oil, many people still picked up a cheap bottle of olive oil from the supermarket. Or did they take one with them from vacation, just because the bottle looked so pretty. And maybe there is nothing wrong with that (often there is, but you can read about that in the blogs) but there is so much more to discover. And because I kept insisting on that, my family and friends gave me the 'assignment' to regularly surprise them with the best and most special olive oils from the world. Because where did they have to get the time, energy and knowledge to find the right one time and again? And that.. that's actually the beginning of Oil of Olivia!

Since then, you have been looking for the tastiest olive oil made by special olive farmers and olive oil producers. Because the person behind the oil is perhaps just as important to me as a nice taste. And you will find all that here in the subscriptions that I put together. Beautiful stories from farmers and producers and a fine and special olive oil. Delivered to your home once a month or once every two months. I see it as my mission to make sure it\'s a pleasant surprise every time.

So finally! Really good olive oil is not only tastier and healthier, it is also much more fun. Yes, more fun, because if you sprinkle such a good and special olive oil over your salad, yogurt or fish or meat… you bring a little bit of summer into your home. I do everything I can to surprise you time and time again!