• Abrikozen plaattaart

    Abrikozen plaattaart

    Een heerlijke smooth abrikozen plaattaart waar de zon van gaat schijnen… heerlijk met de extra vierge olijfolie van Rose, helemaal uit het zuiden van Libanon.

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  • Gevulde zoete aardappel

    Gepofte en gevulde zoete aardappel met mozzarella, quinoa en vijgen. De heerlijke Italiaanse olijfolie met intense smaak maakt dit gerecht helemaal af. Genieten!

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    Gevulde zoete aardappel
  • Gevulde tomaten uit de oven

    Stuffed tomatoes from the oven

    Surprisingly tasty because of the vegan filling! The preparation time is 45 minutes, but then you also have something! And with the Coratina extra virgin olive oil from Cantasole it...

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  • Mediterranean cottage cheese breakfast

    A delicious cottage cheese breakfast with a surprising Mediterranean touch! In just 10 minutes you have a delicious and healthy breakfast on the table. And a nice tip: leave out...

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    Mediterraan kwark ontbijt
  • Pittige preisalade met een zachte olijfoliedressing en appel

    Spicy leek salad with a soft...

    A nice fresh and healthy side dish This dish is delicious with the barbecue or with a piece of fish. But it also goes very well with feta cheese, marinated...

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  • Typical Spanish Dessert

    A French toast for dessert? Sure, that\'s a bit different, but very tasty! We actually know this more as breakfast (French toast), but in Spain this is a delicious dessert...

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    Typisch Spaans Dessert
  • Spaanse spinazie omelet

    Spanish spinach omelette

    An omelet with spinach... tasty and healthy! In 30 minutes you can make an omelette with only a few ingredients. If you don\'t feel like cooking extensively, but in a...

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  • Carrot and walnut cake

    Fancy a tasty and light carrot and walnut pie? Easy & very tasty! With a golden tip to keep it extra juicy.

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    Wortel en walnotentaart
  • Portugese Pompoensoep

    Portuguese Pumpkin Soup

    A delicious Portuguese pumpkin soup with the finishing touch from Marije!

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  • Migas – a Portuguese bean dish...

    Fancy an easy, quick and tasty (side) dish? Then this bean dish is really something for you! A nice one-pan dish with kale and beans. A few minutes in the...

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    Migas – een Portugese bonenschotel (bijgerecht)