Here you will find the best olive oil made by women

The olive oil surprise!

There are so many different olive oils that it is almost impossible to know which are good and which are delicious.
And yet you find it Do you enjoy discovering new flavors and varieties all the time?
Well, I'm happy to help you discover those new, special olive oils!

On my travels around the world I look for the most beautiful olive oils from sustainable olive farmers and olive oil producers. I take these olive oils, made by the most inspiring women, and send them to you.

You can choose whether you receive a new olive oil once a month or once every 2 months.

Healthy, fun and delicious. Always enjoy the latest discoveries.

Will you join us?

Kies zelf je olijfolies!

Een olijfolieverrassnigspakket pakt altijd voordeliger uit! Maar als jij jouw eigen olijfolie wil selecteren, kan dat natuurlijk ook! Kies in de shop welke olijfolies je wilt en ik stuur ze gelijk naar je toe!

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Marije Passos

After spending a few days with Marije, it became very clear to me: Marije wants to produce good, organic olive oil and take good care of her environment; for the people around her, for nature and the history that lies here.

Read Marije's whole story